DIY Proposal Box

Recently I decided to take matters into my own hands and make what I guess is called a proposal box. There are a million reasons why doing it yourself is the way to go, but when you’re planning a wedding the number one reason is and always will be; money. It is so much cheaper to just make things then go out and buy them, especially if you’re ordering online with the price of shipping and handling. The only thing I have discovered about myself when it comes to a DIY project, is that I always tend to go slightly overboard. Take this proposal box for example. Did I need to spend over 3 hours taping the box with flower tape? No but I convinced myself that a regular looking box was boring and overdone. So there I was sitting on the floor in the backroom of my work taping this box for 3 hours for a child who, let’s be quite honest, probably could careless what the box looks like. And in my defense, it is not every day that you get to ask someone to be a flower girl in your wedding. I remember when I was a flower girl when I was younger, it’s a day I’ll never forget. Partially due to how much fun I had but mostly due to the fact I had an allergic reaction to my dress. It was the best of days and it was the worst of days, but that is a story for another time.

So Dev and I decided to ask his younger cousin to be our flower girl. I have only met her in person once when we flew out to Arizona to visit my mom, and we had stayed at his uncle’s house for a night. She is very funny and generous as she let me stay in her room and sleep in her awesome doll house bed, her actual bed is a doll house, no joke. It’s probably the coolest kid’s bed I have ever seen, and I wouldn’t mind having one now but I know with Devon that will never happen. I might just get one when he’s away for training, we’ll see. Anyways, we wanted someone who would take the job seriously but also have fun doing it and she just seems to be the perfect candidate. I used the knowledge that she can be quite the girly girl but is also somewhat mature for her age when creating this box. I also wanted to make sure she had a least one gift she could keep with her as she grows older, something I wish I had from my day as the flower girl.

I’ll start by showing pictures of the box and then afterwards explain the steps I took to make it and the overall cost. We all know I’m a very frugal bride and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!


The box I used was just a typical cardboard box but I had purchased some paper craft tape for .99 cents at Mardens. I then covered the ENTIRE box with the tape, as you can see there is a double layer in some areas as the tape had a hard time bending with the box. I then covered the craft tape in a single layer of packing tape to ensure that the craft tape would hold and I did notice it wasn’t sticking as well as I had hoped.

I found the poem for the card on Pinterest by and if you click her shop it takes you to a blog post which then refers you to an Etsy shop by the name of starboard press. I’m not entirely sure if that is where the poem originated from but the featured picture is of a card with the poem on it so I’m trying to give credit where it is due. For my card I just picked up some card stock at the dollar store and practiced at least 10 times writing it out on scrap paper before using a gray crayola marker for the final draft. I also grabbed those cute flower stickers at the dollar store and have plenty left to use on another project.  The card cost me a total of $2.00.

The bouquet I decided to do instead of filling the box with petals because I wanted to make something she could use. I picked up a bouquet of fake flowers, with wired stem, at the dollar store and cut the stems, removed the leaves and wrapped the stems around a mechanical pencil. I then taped off the wired stems to make sure they would not poke through and wrapped the entire length of the pencil in light pink ribbon paper and taped it off with clear tape. I left the eraser exposed in the bud of the flowers so she can add more lead to it if needed. The bouquet cost me a total of $2.00.

I knew from the beginning I wanted her to receive a piece of jewlery with her initial on it paired with a flower. I originally was going to do a bracelet but I realized how difficult that would be to make a bracelet that would be small enough to fit her now but large enough down the road for her to wear without it being bulky. This is when I decided on a necklace, so Dev and I headed to our local craft store, ours is Michael’s, in search of the perfect charms. We ended up finding a few different charms we liked but narrowed it down to these two as they are delicate but still make a statement. The flower charm we tried to make sure closely resembled and would match with the color of the dress she will be wearing for the wedding. This way she could wear it on the wedding day but also wear it as a reminder of the important role she played on our big day. We picked a chain we felt would be comfortable and also could easily fit her as she grew, I even tried it on and it falls perfectly on me when clipped on the loosest setting. For the box and placement, I took cotton balls and shredded them and then fluffed them together and wrapped them in white tissue paper. I laid the base in the bottom of the box and the box is actually the one that my ring box from my engagement ring came in, Devon gave both to me after he proposed. It coincidentally matched very well with the colors and I felt was a perfect box to be used in this situation. Total for the necklace I spent about $16.00 because the flower charms only came in a pack of 6 and I had to buy the jump rings for the charms, which came in a pack of 100, I honestly think it may be more.

I did have to ship the box across the country but for that I just paid for express shipping at the USPS which was $8.35. All in all I spent $29.35 and with tax that I didn’t factor in we will just round up to $32.00. This is including shipping and handling and insurance on the package during delivery. I also have plenty of the supplies left over for my Ring Bearer proposal box which I’ll be starting this weekend. Stay tuned as I will post pictures and a step by step process when completed.

Happy planning!




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