Two months later

I feel as though the title says it all. It has been exactly two months since my last post on here. It is actually kind of funny because I thought about posting on here with updates a lot but every time I told myself I would get to it later and I obviously never did. The last two months have been a blur. Until I logged on I was convinced my last post was three weeks ago, maybe a month. I guess I needed those two months to myself more than I thought I did because we have gotten a lot accomplished in our wedding world.

We have a venue. Yup, you read that right, a venue. We have only been engaged since the middle of February and we have already booked with a venue which also has a caterer, killing two birds with one stone. We only toured three venues because we knew we wanted to keep the location close to our area and the price low and the first one we toured we fell in love with. And for those of you wondering, we decided to keep it very close to home and go with The Barn at the Sanford Country Club.  Besides the distance from our family and current apartment, we also liked the size and character that this venue offered, not to mention it is quite gorgeous especially since it is on a golf course surrounded by woods, mix that with an October wedding, oh my. Although it is on the smaller side, it offers a lot of different areas for our guests to mingle and escape to if they get tired of the music and need a break. It is also incredibly easy to find and has plenty of parking which are two very important things that I feel a lot of people neglect when planning a wedding. Just a tip to keep this in mind especially if you have out of state guests! I also know the woman who is our event coordinator and my (future) mother in law knows other people affiliated with the club. Some of you may be wondering why this is a good thing but I personally feel better about giving someone I know my business and I feel more at ease with trusting them to help me make my day special and memorable.

We have a DJ/MC. We did not go with the first DJ that we met with back in April, price did play a big factor but in the end there was only a $450 dollar difference but also our DJ/MC seemed way more prepared than the first one we met with. Which I am honestly surprised that our DJ/MC agreed to book with me because I had blown up his email and eventually gave up and called him to set up an appointment for 6:30 pm (so I thought) to potentially book with him. The day of our appointment I ended up babysitting for my boss and was incredibly distracted when he had texted me to confirm the time, which his text said 6:00 pm and I never picked up on the difference and confirmed. Flash forward to later in the evening Devon and I arrive at 6:18 pm thinking we are early enough to maybe grab some food and make a good impression. As we were walking in I happened to look down at my phone and saw the DJ was calling so I picked up and he asked if we were here or on our way, I told him we were walking in and I’m assuming he also saw me so we hung up. As if that wasn’t enough of a hint, I looked at Devon and commented on how we were all early, only to walk in to both of the men eating, which I thought was odd they had arrived so early. It did not dawn on me until after our meeting when they had given a second to talk over if we wanted to book or not and I had looked at my phone that his text had said 6:00 pm. I had missed calls, a voicemail and a text from them asking if we were still coming, which I never heard because my phone was on silent from my baby sitting earlier in the day. I swear all of the color must have drained from my face as I realized that I had sat across from these men and talked with them and asked them questions, declined food/drinks, joked and had yet to apologize for being late. I was so embarrassed! I didn’t even know how to go about apologizing for being late especially since I had no clue I was late until after the fact. I did and we did book with them, not because we were late but because we really did want to have them at our wedding. They are very nice and were very prepared. But I did panic the entire way home and tore apart my bedroom looking for the piece of paper where I wrote down where we were meeting and the time, which did say 6:30 pm and helped me to feel a little less crazy but holy cannoli I can’t believe they wanted to book with us. We knew before we even went into the appointment that we wanted to book with The Music Man. We had heard nothing but amazing things from multiple people and the venues we toured. I will bake them some cookies and give them extra cake at our wedding for my mishap the day of our appointment haha. I still am so embarrassed.

We pretty much have a photographer but we can’t meet with them until the end of June due to them being from Maine but living in New York. Once we actually book with them I will post more information and share some stories about how this came about. For right now I need to finish getting ready for work.

I hope everyone reading had a wonderful weekend and I would just like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank those who made the ultimate sacrifice in serving our country.




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