First post (Disclaimer)

If you previously read the about me section then you already know that I’m planning my wedding. If you haven’t then now you know I’m planning my wedding and can skip that section so there ya go.


My boyfriend of 3 years and I recently got engaged. So naturally I have been looking into wedding planning and venues and holy moly are weddings freaking expensive. Well, let me clarify, getting married in New England is hella expensive. I guess that is one of the perks about being on the coast and living in the beautiful tourist state of Maine, you get to dish your entire life savings into one night. Only to go on later in life and complain to your grandchildren and try to convince them to elope. And as you gaze over photos with them you question why you felt the need to drop 5,000 on a buffet dinner that everyone only had one plate of. (Except for that one uncle that showed up that you haven’t seen since you were 5 and had seven servings of food. I guess that justifies it.) Hey, don’t forget that venue over looking the mountains sure was worth it wasn’t it, at least for the whole hour you were outside to enjoy it. (If you call posing for photo after photo really enjoying it.)

Did I mention I’m cynical? No? Weird. I mean don’t get me wrong I love weddings. I love going to them, I think they are beautiful. My favorite part after the ceremony is the food and the endless amount of tequila I try to shove into my stomach, so I feel less embarrassed out on the dance floor. However, I never fully realized how insanely expensive weddings actually were. Now I just want to take a moment and apologize to all of the happily married couples whose weddings I have attended where I did not clear my plate. Especially all the plates of wedding cake I barely touched because I hate cake and didn’t know how to politely turn it down. My heart goes out to you, truly, I will now just say no to the damn cake.

I’m not even going to have an actual cake at my wedding and if I do it’ll be delicious cheesecake and cheesecake only. I whole heartily expect everyone who does not like cheesecake to say no when offered a plate. I won’t be offended, if anything I’ll be ecstatic because that is more cheesecake I get to take home. Please make a note of that and if you plan to not eat cheesecake then do not buy me anything for the wedding, you have done your part.

Anyways, I went on bit of a tangent there, this blog is mostly going to be me complaining about how expensive everything is. But most importantly sharing with you how I plan to keep my entire wedding less than $15,000 and if I can get it below $10,000 I sure as hell will! I’ll share all of my DIY adventures and bargain finds with avid readers who are just as desperate as I am to not be flat broke after saying ‘I do’ to the love of my life. So please read on if you’re interested and happy wedding planning to you!


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