Save my freaking soul

So I've had a pretty rough week, hence the lack of posts. I really need to get back into daily jogs and meditation, my anxiety and stress levels are out of this world. I might as well just face plant into my candy dish when I get home from work, because both my fiancé and... Continue Reading →


No post on Sundays, or is there?

I think Sunday's are going to end up being the day where I post to this contraption. Coincidental I know, as we all know the best thing about Sunday is that there is no post! But when you're planning a wedding every day is Monday which means that every day sucks. I say that in... Continue Reading →

First post (Disclaimer)

If you previously read the about me section then you already know that I'm planning my wedding. If you haven't then now you know I'm planning my wedding and can skip that section so there ya go. ANYWAYS My boyfriend of 3 years and I recently got engaged. So naturally I have been looking into... Continue Reading →

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